Ride2Uni, get fit, save the planet & save some money

Riding a bicycle to get to university can help you stay healthy and do your bit for climate action, but if it’s been a while since you last rode the idea can seem daunting.

Once you’ve learnt to ride a bike you don’t forget, but you may need to practise braking slowly, gear changes and taking your hand off the bars to signal.

If you think you could ride if someone just helped you brush up on your skills and showed you the way, then Ride2Uni is for you.

Bicycle Network is providing skills classes and group rides at the Launceston campus on 6, 7 and 21 September, Hobart on 8, 10, 22 and 23 September and Burnie 20 September.

You can sign up for:

  • one or more Bike Basics classes which are designed for people who have ridden in the past but need a refresher on how to brake, ride slowly, turn, signal and use their gears effectively.
  • Road Riding with an instructor, riding common routes between accommodation and campuses to learn positioning on the road, signalling and other safety tips. 

To join a Ride2Uni workshop visit bicyclenetwork.com.au/ride2uni