Sustainability Happenings – Semester One

Respecting the traditional owners and their deep history with the lands and waters, the palawa peoples in lutruwita/Tasmania and the peoples from the Eora Nation in djubuguli and cadi regions/Sydney, we strive to act in the best interests of the current generation and the generations to come.

We aim to provide holistic opportunities for staff and students to collaborate and practice sustainability in our everyday lives, and to celebrate the initiatives you take. As part of this ongoing commitment, the Sustainability Team at the University recently launched the Green Impact Program for Students!

Making a Green Impact for Students

Green Impact is an education program run around the world, which encourages social and environmental change by supporting staff and students at universities to engage in sustainable and socially responsible actions. The program was first developed in the United Kingdom by the National Union of Students (NUS) and is regionally delivered in Australasia by Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability (ACTS), UTAS is a member of ACTS in Australia. For the first time in 2021, we are extending the program for students!

The Green Impact program is a fun and structured way for students to engage in simple sustainability actions, which are based on the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals. You can register for the program as an individual (and we will put you in a team) or get together with a group of friends to form your own team.

After registering, you will receive a weekly Green Impact Student Newsletter featuring a new sustainability action each week, along with advice for completing the actions. This usually involves taking a photo or writing a short description of the action you have taken. You can either do one action a week, or submit all at once at the end of the Semester. We have created 22 sustainable actions or behaviours for you, whilst allowing you to create 8 actions of your own! Every section completed earns points and the team that collects the most points will be eligible for a Green Impact award. 

The program ends in August, but if you are graduating mid year you are still welcome to participate. 

Take part in a friendly competition and learn more about sustainability and how you can participate in the movement towards a more sustainable lifestyle and mindset. Become responsible custodians of the environment, for ourselves and for future generations.

If you have any queries about the program, please contact [email protected].

Register yourself or your team for Green Impact:

By Kawinwit Kittipalawattanapol, Sustainability Projects Officer