April 16, 2024

Biodiversity Day

The UTAS campus is filled with hidden natural wonders that few students will ever see. Join us as we discover the secret communities on campus that helps to support our life on earth.

To celebrate Biodiversity Day UTAS students and staff will come together to learn about biodiversity on campus and contribute to meaningful citizen science work through a BioBlitz event.

A BioBlitz is essentially a fast-paced and timed survey of wildlife, where you can put your identification skills to the test and learn about the natural world from experts and researchers!

Our BioBlitz will run over two hours and we will record all forms of wildlife including invertebrates, plants and birds. We will upload our findings onto iNaturalist, a global repository of wildlife data. Once cross-checked this data can inform real scientific research and become part of a global understanding of biodiversity. There will be free refreshments too!

Before the BioBlitz we will be holding an online presentation evening to learn about iNaturalist and the importance of citizen science. There you will hear from Distinguished Professor Jamie Kirkpatrick about his current work at the University and Bookends Trusts’ Clare Hawkins who will be giving a talk on ‘Why Bother with a BioBlitz’? The event will be held online on May 21 starting at 6pm.

This BioBlitz was created through a SIPS Internship within the Sustainability team at UTAS. I chose this project because I want to encourage engagement with citizen science projects on campus.

Citizen science is close to my heart as it allows people of all abilities to participate in meaningful and applicable scientific work.

It supports the transfer of knowledge through community and a sense of responsibility and awe of this precious and vulnerable natural world around us.

I hope that you can attend the BioBlitz event and presentation evening!

I look forward to seeing you there

What: Information Session

Date 21 May

Time: 6pm

What: BioBlitz Event

Date: 22 May

Time: 10am – 12pm

Registrations are essential

Contact: [email protected]