April 17, 2024

The 2023 Uni Revue: Now Scheming to Deliver its 76th Year of Uniquely Tasmanian Comedy

Running since 1948, the Uni Revue has become a fixture in many a student diary—a riotous comic event anticipated by all. Many UTAS students and alumni have performed in the Uni Revue over the years, while others continue to attend the show on an annual basis. 

The Old Nick Company’s Uni Revue is both the oldest and longest running revue in Australia, woven into the fabric of Tasmanian theatre. Packed with provocative observational comedy that dares to hack down the tall poppies, the Uni Revue celebrates our ability to satirise those who think they’re immune. Perhaps that’s why a growing number of UTAS students continue to support a rare brand of comedy. 

In 2023 as we (hopefully) enter the post-Covid resurrection of live theatre, the Uni Revue is back—bigger, better, faster and ruder than ever. Fast-tracked from Old Nick Headquarters in North Hobart, Now Scheming is the binge-worthy, must-see comedy of the year—coming live to the stage at Hobart’s Theatre Royal and the Princess Theatre in Launceston.

This year’s show is directed by young Uni Revue stalwarts: Ben Stoneman and UTAS alum Rhys Prestedge. With a combined eleven revues between them, Ben and Rhys have honed their comedy skills on the Uni Revue factory floor.

Now Scheming is packed with young Tasmanian talent, including current UTAS students, both on stage and across the full comic production. The Uni Revue team is dedicated to bringing a high energy show every single night. It’s as much fun as you can have with your clothes on… or off!

Focussing on the rapid growth in streamed, on-demand media, Now Scheming tackles ‘binge’ culture, merging the absurdity of current events with a contemporary parody of your favourite streamed TV and movies.

  • Can Jeremy Rockliff create a master plan to finally give Tassie its place in the AFL without haemorrhaging millions of public funds?
  • Plus, that Dutton bloke. Why does he look like a potato that we can no longer afford?
  • From Tasmania’s skyrocketing cost of living, housing affordability that is unaffordable, a health system that’s sick—nothing is sacred and nobody can escape from the 2023 Uni Revue.

Loved by Tasmanians, loathed by politicians, the Uni Revue dares to speak the words we all think—live on stage and sure to generate loads of laughter (and maybe a few groans).

Now Scheming tickets are Now Selling, and they cost way less than filling up your car. So why not skip out on petrol for a week, lower your carbon footprint, and support local theatre while you’re at it? Get on board and make the 2023 Uni Revue part of your UTAS experience. We’ll see you there!

WHAT: Uni Revue 2023: Now Scheming

WHERE: Hobart (Theatre Royal) – 12 SHOWS ONLY – May 5-20

Launceston (Princess Theatre) – 4 SHOWS ONLY – May 24-27

TICKETS: www.oldnick.com.au/2023-now-scheming