May 21, 2022

UTAS Considers Overhaul Of Degree Delivery

The University of Tasmania is currently exploring the possibility of transforming course curriculum and implementing changes to how degrees are delivered, including through a model of teaching where students undertake one unit at a time.

In a statement, UTAS Academic Executive Director Professor Mitch Parsell told Togatus the university is continually working to innovate its learning and teaching approach.

“We know today’s learners engage in study in different ways. A range of delivery options are being considered across our campuses, which could include ‘accelerated’ and ‘block’ models,” he said. 

“At this stage, we are discussing a variety of approaches, and firm directions have not been set.”

The block model of learning, which was first implemented in Australia by Victoria University, aims to reduce the stress of university, and requires students to study only one unit at a time, rather than several subjects over a 13-week semester.

Current UTAS Vice-Chancellor Professor Rufus Black is the former Deputy Chancellor of Victoria University. 

UTAS already offers some courses, such as Business, Paramedicine and Nursing, in an accelerated two-year format.

Professor Parsell said the university prioritises the educational outcomes of students, and the transformation work in this space aims to help improve student success and the student experience.

“This work is focused on both what is delivered in what we teach and how we teach,” he said.

Students with questions about what or how the university teaches are encouraged to contact Professor Parsell:


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