May 21, 2022

Get Involved With The University’s Green Impact Program

Students from all disciplines are encouraged to register for Green Impact Sustainability Auditor Training Day on November 21. This training program was originally created by the National Union of Students (NUS) in the UK for university students and is accredited by the International Society for Sustainability Professionals (ISSP). 

Students can register for places through Eventbrite for training on Sandy BayNewnham and Cradle Coast Campuses, and find more details on the Students for a Sustainable UTAS Facebook page.

Attendees will receive a certificate from ISSP and will also benefit through:

  • learning about sustainability initiatives and challenges at the University of Tasmania
  • gaining skills and knowledge associated with environmental auditing and behaviour change theory
  • the opportunity to provide staff with feedback on their sustainability actions
  • meeting the Sustainability Team at the University and fellow students with interest in sustainability.

The Green Impact Program is coordinated by the University’s Sustainability Team across campuses. The purpose of Green Impact is to enable sustainability actions and to share and celebrate initiatives. This year staff across three campuses have been involved. Actions fall into four categories, from bronze simple steps, through silver and gold which require more time and creativity. The fourth category is for special actions which demonstrate leadership in sustainability. During the training students will have the opportunity to learn about all of these actions and will provide feedback to staff.

What have other students said about the Green Impact Program?

Jess Flint is a SIPS Intern at the Cradle Coast Campus who has been working with two of the Green Impact teams:

It can be overwhelming to deal with large scale problems caused by our lifestyles of consumption from an individual viewpoint. I was interested in Green Impact because it allowed me to make impactful small change to daily routines.

The program promotes actions that we as students and community members can continue to undertake for the rest of our lives and develop the skills to engage others in sustainable lifestyle decisions. 

In the program you can meet staff and students across all campuses who are committed to making positive environmental changes; you can learn how these small actions can add up when a collective group takes an interest in sustainability, and you develop an understanding of other people’s values, priorities, and skills.

Will Plaister is a SIPS Fellow on Newnham Campus:

[In the Green Impact Program] the scope that is left to the teams means that it’s up to them as to how far they want to take their green impact actions. Some of the efforts in this year’s green impact program have been truly inspiring.

A lot of people are genuinely passionate about sustainability and sometimes just need an avenue to express it. I’ve also learned to never underestimate the power of preparation – specifically in regard to a Green Impact Audit.

I can see the real long-term benefit of Green Impact, to the point where conscious small actions now will hopefully just become second nature in the future. 

If you are keen to learn more before the day, you can find webinars on Green Impact through Australasian Campuses Towards Sustainability. The most recent webinar features staff from the University of Tasmania! 

No prior knowledge of auditing is required. 

We look forward to seeing you there!

Event Details Green Impact Sustainability Auditor Training Day
Date 21 November
Time 9:00-3:00 (lunch break from 12:00-1:00)

Social Sciences Room 210, Sandy Bay Campus
Sir Raymond Ferrall Centre 117, Newnham Campus
Room 119, Cradle Coast Campus

RSVP through Eventbrite for your campus before Thursday November 7


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