Deluxe Deluxe At The Spiegeltent

“So good” and “so fun” were the exclamations I heard as I left this year’s headline show, Deluxe Deluxe at the Spiegeltent. It was a lovely opening night, and I have to agree with my fellow audience members: it was good and it was fun, although it was a little strange at times. I thoroughly enjoyed myself as I believe everyone did.

The show is advertised as an ‘adults-only night,’ and that it was. The whole thing was a stunningly entertaining and comedic evening of hula hoops, scantily-dressed acrobats and a barrage of alcohol and drug references interspersed with a lot of sexual innuendo. It is not a show you would bring kids to. Deluxe Deluxe is a night of lingerie-clad ladies whose flexibility and aerial prowess would make a little old lady blush, and sassy men in stripper heels with pole and dancing skills to rival even the most talented of Vegas club ladies. The close quarters aren’t the only things at the Speigletent to make you hot. 

The so-called “Host with the Most,” Scot Nery, never took himself too seriously and had the audience laughing and clapping every time he took the stage, while the lovely Laura Hughes serenaded furries with her sensual singing. Other acts had both the men and women shifting in their seats, or laughing with the occasional whoop from the front rows. Deluxe Deluxe is a show worth seeing, although the strange and talented performers had me feeling a tad like I was joining them in a drug-induced sexual trip. An acrobatic cabaret that is definitely worth saying twice, it certainly lives up to the high standards set by previous headliners at the Spiegeltent.

Photo: Spiegeltent